Gewonnen awards

Legacy Photography Awards

"The judges wanted to highlight the beautiful dream world that you have created for your reinterpretation of Little Red Riding Hood. Your lighting and retouching work is excellent!!

Good job!!"

Mijn werk werd bekroond met verschillende zilveren en gouden eervolle vermeldingen op de "Legacy Photography Awards". Een gekende internationale wedstrijd.

Wat een eer om voor jouw beelden zo een mooie herkenning te krijgen!

"We wanted to highlight your magnificent Christmas photograph because with it you have managed to transport us to the world of our childhood.

A quality lighting that seems to emanate from the story and the chimney and the use of wonderful props form an image that could perfectly illustrate a book about Christmas stories and tales.

The technical work is perfect. A controlled soft side lighting to not generate too dense shadows, a range of brown, green and red colours that evokes the Christmas spirit, a superlative retouching to add some magic... Perfect!

We congratulate you on it!"